Michal Kanka : Christian Bayon Lisbon 2006, bow by Nicole Descloux Avignon 2000

When I got an offer from Raphaël Pidoux to participate in this unique project I didn´t hesitate at all and agreed immediately with all conditions. To be chosen among  20 leading European cellists made me „proud“ of course. I was asked to prepare no. 24 and 30 - etudes in the upper middle rate of difficulty. I tried to be prepared as best as possible for the recording but duties of musicians are sometimes not going together with wishes of musicians. So it happened that I played one evening my recital in Marseille, next day - thanks to high speed of TGV - I managed to record Popper in Paris and in the same evening I had to fly to Prague because next morning I had rehearsal with the orchestra….

Back to practicing of these etudes: Most of the time took me checking  the right intonation. In  no. 24 it is necessary to master the technique of natural harmonics. But the most difficult thing is to obtain expression that the piece is very easy to play and you have nothing but fun and pleasure to perform it.

I must say I had very nice feeling by the recording thanks to the excellent acustics of the „Port-Royal des Champs Studio“ and especialy thanks to the recording producer and sound engineer Hannelore Guittet.