Henri Demarquette, Gioffredo Cappa Saluzzo, 1696

How happy I would have been to meet David Popper !

First the charming , humorous, romantic, learned, generous character.

Then he musician who embodied the core of the Austro-Hungarian tradition in a time when musicians were supposed to compose pieces for the instruments they played.In the same way as Joachim, Liszt or Kreisler, Popper has produced romances, dances, rhapsodies, concertos, cadences, etc.

And lastly the cellist who invented the modern cello through opening the left hand, developing articulations and the vibrato and connecting the various positions.

Thus did he bury Romberg, Bréval, etc. whose thumbs kept singing on the C string. He was an eminent pedagogue : among his students you find Adolf Schiffer, who was to become the teacher of a man called... Starker.