Xavier Phillips, Matteo Goffriller, 1710

Having been accompanied by these Studies ever since I was a kid, I have never considered David Popper as a hangman. On the contrary I have always felt this composer was passionate and lucid when he composed these Studies.

Study 33 : the difficulties seem to lie in the left hand (swift shiftings, broken arpeggios), but the legato of the bow requires a fundamental concentration since it allows us to support the latter in this trick riding endurance test ! Like Piatti's 3rd Capriccio, this study which is considered by students as scarecrow can also provide us with a lovely musical experience if we take the time to achieve it.

Study : 14 Even the violinists admit that staccato performing is not an easy job, and although it it is natural to performing it down the bow, Popper requires to perform them up as well as down the bow. This creates a challenge if we want to keep light. (Another solution lies in drinking a lot of coffee).