Roel Dieltiens, Ettore Soffritti Ferrara, 1923

Here he comes again in his radiance of glory, our great Master of miniature compositions ! Each Study has its own different character, and they are all imaginative and fascinating. We have to face some technical difficulties. The 22nd one requires very flexible bowings so as to hide the passages from one string to the other and be able to build long legato passages. The left hand plays its part in the art of anticipation. All the passages in the thumb position require lithe movements, but how poetical this music sounds ! So charming ! The 7th one offers an exercise devised to coordinate our two hands. The left hand requires an extremely regular articulation avoiding unnecessary movements of the fingers. All this while the bow hops over the strings. A sparkling, virtuose and good mood In spite of technical difficulties, the challenge, but at the same time the target of a musician, is to resurrect the fantastic world we have been offered by Popper.