Marie-Paule Milone, Charles-Adolphe Gand, 1850

Beyond the wonderful recordings of his works by Starker, we are primarily struck by the fabulous poetry of the wonderful miniature pieces composed by Popper; just as Liszt lies in the center of the pianists' cultural heritage, Popper stands in the center of the cellists' universe. His music provides a lot of pleasure to those who perform it, as well as some nostalgy since it reminds us of bel canto colourful virtuosity, as opposed to the monotony of modern expressionism.

Study n°5 : It proves particularly difficult to preserve a coherent scherzando construction , in spite of the constant shifting from one string to the other, the omnipresent rhythm of a Sicilian melody which requires to be very accurate, and the necessity to preserve a clear sound.

Study n¨°35: The flat D tonality is a challenge for cellists in this long unbroken series of semi quavers which either linked by two or eight ; the same remark applies to the neceesity to preserve the flexibility of both hand so as to protect the melodic expression ff the appogiatures of this somewhat « Chopinian » Study swarming iwith chromatisms.