Marie Hallynck ,  Matteo Goffriller, 1717

To me, taking part in this registering experience essentially means to pay a tribute to an artist with whom we have all grown up : I am very proud to belong to his progeny, thanks to my training with Janos Starker, in Bloomington.

I humbly admit that I have not yet overcome all the « keys » required to play these Studies with the facility they require, but I wish to express how happy I feel whenever I face these pages, which seem to me to be both benevolent and demanding.

These Studies have always been present in my life :

1987 : « An initiation » with Reine Flachot, (the latter used to include the 34th one in her « morning prayers »).

1988-1992 : « Brewing » with Edmond Baert (except for n° 8 and 23, which I practised more recently)

1993 : « Illumination », with Janos Starker, (whose technique cannot be dissociated from these Srudies).

1992-2012 : « Decortication », since for about twenty years I have never stopped analyzing them with my students who practise them every day.