Anne Gastinel, Testore, 1690


Popper's Studies used to be my companions during a long time, a recollection which is both joyful and painful.

  Of course, some of them were more funny than others. I have stil kept the MC ….edition.... of that time, and they are covered with remarks from my various teachers, about the tempi, the accuracy of the intonation, « don't break your third finger », « lift your left elbow », etc.

These Studies are still part of my daily life, in my own practising as well as my teaching activities. They have always particularly inspired me, from a musical as well as from an instrumental view point.

I have chosen to register two very different Studies : the 15th and the 37th ones. In number 15, there are several difficulties : you have to link notes while bowing and spick them when you push up your bow . I always noticed that my students start picking too early : when you have to play two linked notes before picking one, you have to be careful not to lift your bow too early ; otherwise, the second note disappears. To my mind, this is an essential point when you practise this Study. Besides it is important to spend much time practising the shiftings of the left hand ; even when you play slowly, you have to shift your left hand quickly. Another difficulty lies in the double strings of the end : be careful to focus on the lower string which is always the one which sounds out of tune. And lastly, never forget your metronome. And PLAY MUSIC (lights and shades, rubatos, etc.)

Like many other ones Studies, the 37th Study is particularly focused on on the difficulty of pungency. The best way to practise this is to focus on the latter, playing very slowly while concentrating on their articulations and. I mean to practise them very slowly while exeggerating the articulations and and insisting on the first note of each group. Then you can gradually fasten the tempo. AND PLAY MUSIC !